Dr. Vanya Hamrin, DNP, PMHNP-BC

Board Certified Psychiatric Nurse Practitioner

Dr. Vanya Hamrin is a board certified nurse practitioner. She earned her doctorate in nursing practice from University of Alabama. She was ranked the nurse practitioner of the year in both Tennessee and Connecticut. Dr. Hamrin has been practicing in psychiatry for over 30 years. She was Associate Professor at Yale University and Vanderbilt University while also maintaining a clinical practice at Vanderbilt and Yale. Vanya has published over 30 articles on psychotropic medication treatment and various other psychiatric topics. Dr. Hamrin provides both medication management and psychotherapy treatment. She is trained in cognitive behavioral therapy, motivational interviewing, social skills training, trauma focused cognitive behavioral therapy and dialetical behavioral therapy. Dr. Hamrin specializes in all child and adolescent psychiatric disorders and has been effectively treats anxiety and depression. Dr. Hamrin sees patient from childhood through adulthood. She believes in holistic client centered care and incorporates patients spiritual beliefs within the treatment.